Apple’s Success Started with Passion and a Sale!

Steve Job's many years ago you can feel and see his passion in this rare video. You'll have an opportunity to see him speak to the group about his ideas and feel the transference of his enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, the last four letters are I.A.S.M. which is I Am Sold Myself. When we are sold on an idea with a strong belief, a burning desire we become unstoppable. When we aren't sold ourselves we'll turn away when the slightest resistance shows up.

It was very interesting watching this video and hearing Steve talk about his plans and ideas concerning technology in the future. It started with an idea and grew into many things along the way. We all know there were challenges that he faced along the way, some camps really love him and Apple and others cannot stand him.

There are many others we can draw upon and look back on in many areas we can leverage from them to grow ourselves, our businesses and our communities.

What would be interesting, is to know and to learn from those of you on LinkedIn, what are your stories of success. What obstacles did you face and what did you do to overcome them allowing you to grow into who have become now.


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