Everyone Is In Sales!!!

I was recently at 3 day seminar to learn the art of photo reading. The instructor actually start the weekend off by asking the class who was in sales only three put their hands up out of 22 in attendance but he wouldn’t rest with that response, he pointed out that everyone is in sales.

I would never of guessed that I would travel 677 KMS spending money on airfare on hotel and meals not to mention the tuition of the seminar to have one of the first things out of the instructor’s mouth be “Everyone is in sales” particularly at a photo reading seminar. Not me that’s for sure but in reflection it makes total sense.

If we the attendees weren’t sold on the idea of photo reading then we wouldn’t be open to developing the skills that the course promised to provide to assist us in reading more books than we thought was possible. Throughout the three day seminar we were being introduced to many ideas and strategies to increase our ability to read articles, emails, eBooks, magazines and yes good old fashion books. We were introduced to a 5 step process that walked us through the steps to read not just faster but fast on steroids.

Early in on the first day as a positioning strategy our facilitator referenced his story around his desire to improve in the game of golf. He asked us who played the game of golf a few put their hands up but not many. By telling us his story of how he was able to reach his goals of a hole in one and shooting a perfect score of 72 by reading 100 books then going out and playing a round of golf every day for 31 days. . He used the art of storytelling to engage us in the possibility of being able to read 4 books over the course of the seminar and to comprehend them as well, he achieved this by the sharing his personal experiences.

When he first started out with the photo reading whole mind training he was only at 89 words a minute because of his dyslexia now he’s easily over 25,000 words per minute which afforded him the ability to as an adult student complete his university education and get his masters.

He had engaged most of us after his authentic self-disclosure

Now I’m not sharing this to have you register for a photo reading seminar but what I am saying is that everything that we were taught over the course of the weekend involved the sales process. The story of our instructor at golf course was a great example of painting a picture of what was possible for all us in the room. That’s exactly what a professional sales person does when presenting their product / services. It’s important to present ideas that answer the concerns and questions of our prospects and clients have often it’s our role to help them recognize a problem that they didn’t even know they had and how easy it can be resolved by our offerings.

In the seminar with me were university professors, future university students, MBA students, high school students , white collar and blue collar professionals all of us were able to increase our reading and comprehension. We were introduced to a proven process that walked us through the 5 steps these were introduced by asking us questions then demonstrating how the process would address the questions that were raised by the students eliminating any doubts that we may have had.

They had introduced the steps, strategies and best practices to us in small bite sized pieces which we applied over the weekend we had be educated, we were engaged and we were sold something that made us better in a an areas that we wanted to improve. The whole process from marketing and educating us in the seminar involved the profession of sales. If we believe we can then its more likely that we can; so it goes in the profession of sales.


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