Lessons from the "Ain't It Awful Club" That Turned into More Sales

A couple of weeks ago while on a phone call with a client, I was reminded about an earlier time in my commission sales career at a local car dealership. I had been hired without any previous automobile sales experience even though the headline in the ad explicitly stated “Experienced Applicants Only.”

The training I got was intense, really, I think it took all of 30 minutes – that isn’t a typo – it was all of 30 minutes. I was given a tour of the dealership, introduced to the various department heads, and handed a pad of sales agreements and business cards. The cards didn’t even have my name on them but I was promised I would have a set of my own very soon.

In a stroke of luck, I was fortunate to have one of the seasoned vets take me under his wing early on in my time at the dealership. This is what I want to you talk about here, how he mentored me.

I had been on the sales team less than three months. It was on a Friday afternoon, it wasn’t a very busy day and the number of interested buyers was very low. I found myself visiting and hanging out with some of the other salesmen. aka “The Coffee Club.” At least, that’s what I later learned it was called by my mentor.

The conversation that was going on in that group wasn’t very inspiring or motivating, but hell, I was bored, wasn’t selling much and money was tight…if the truth be known. So I hung out with them and I allowed myself to get drawn in and caught up by the conversation that was going on.

That was until my mentor showed up and sternly grabbed me by the arm… Read More


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