Transform Your Luck

How would you like to change your luck for the better? If that is the case, say goodbye to your lucky charms or whatever else you retain to provide "good luck." At this moment, let's dig into the concept of "luck."

So why is it that some individuals are successful at nearly everything they do, yet others seem to repeatedly fail? Is it luck, or is something else entirely?

What we typically attach to a force called "luck" is just the part of our mind which does not see the whole picture. Nobody creates any condition - health, finances, career, relationships - unless of course they have attracted it by patterns of their thoughts}. As a James Allen once said, "We think in secret and it comes to pass; our environment is but our looking glass." It follows, then, that if we want to change our luck, we must change our thought patterns.

In the same way the waves of the ocean create distinct physical formations of sand and rock on beaches, our thought waves create physical manifestations in our experience. Our minds are far more powerful and effective than we can even attempt to imagine, and every day, we are uncovering just how powerful. As soon as you see yourself as the creator of your own experience, your "luck" if you like to refer to it as that, will change.

You are lucky if you think you are. Maybe you have found this concept interesting enough to dig deeper in depth on your own.


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